Intermediate Epee Clinic

Our Intermediate Epee Clinic is designed to give you a leg up on the High School  fencing season. Our clinics will provide you with a strong tactical framework to view the sport from. This clinic will also cover some fundamental technical habits that are essential to success. Our clinics will help you see the sport, and your own fencing, in a whole new light.


Our Staff


Dimitri Kirk-Gordon

Dimitri Kirk-Gordon have over 20 year experience in the sport. As a top competitor, Dimitri made numerous national and international finals. He was a member of 3 US World Teams. He was the 2002 National Silver Medalist and received a scholarship to fence at The Ohio State University. 
As a coach his students have won numerous regional and National medals. 


Donovan Munlin

Donovan Munlin is the current Head-Coach of the Walton HS fencing team and the former head coach for the Cambridge Fencing Team. 

Donovan, who is still an active competitor, is a two-time national finalist and the 2019 Georgia State Champion


Audrey Barroso

Audrey is a graduate of Temple University, where she was Team Captain. As a competitor Audrey was nationally and Internationally ranked. She was also a 7 time national finalist.
Audrey was the head coach for Lassiter highschool from 2012-2019. Under her direction at Lassiter, her students won numerous medals including gold at the 2018 GHSFL Championships. 


Dates: August 21 and September 25

Time: 10am-3pm


Please bring your own Lunch and water bottle