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8-11 Beginner Intermediate Class

🤺 Calling All Parents: Ignite Your Child's Fencing Journey! 🤺

Are you searching for a thrilling and enriching activity for your child aged 8-11? Look no further! Our Beginner-Intermediate Fencing Program is tailor-made to introduce your young one to the captivating world of fencing, where they can develop fundamental skills and progress to the next level.

📅 Program Duration: 8 Weeks

⏰ Class Duration: 1 Hour per Session


🔍 What to Expect for Your Child:

🤺 Beginner Class: Lay the Foundation

In our Beginner Class, your child will embark on an exciting fencing adventure. We provide all the necessary equipment, so you won't have to worry about sourcing anything. Our expert instructors will guide your child through the fundamentals, ensuring they learn proper techniques and safety protocols.

🤺 Intermediate Group: Building on the Foundation

For those ready to take their skills to the next level, our Intermediate Group is the perfect continuation. Your child will build upon the foundation established in the Beginner Class, honing their techniques, footwork, and tactical understanding. They will participate in more advanced drills and controlled sparring matches to refine their skills.

Wednesday Saber

Our Wednesday classes focus on the fast aggressive weapon saber.

Time 4:00-5pm

Series 1: Aug 16-Oct 11

Series 2: Oct 25-Jan 17

Series 3: Jan 31-March 27

Series 4: April 10 -May 29

Thursday Epee

Our Thursday Classes focus on the calculating thrusting weapon Epee.

Time 4:00-5pm

Series 1: Aug 17-Oct 12

Series 2: Oct 26-Jan 11

Series 3 Jan 18-March 14

Series 4: March 28- May 23


  1. Does my child need their own gear?

    • No, we provide gear for your child's first series of classes. After the initial series, we will assist you in purchasing the necessary gear for their continued participation.

  2. Which weapon should my child fence?

    • The choice of weapon depends on the preferences of the individual child. We recommend watching YouTube videos to help your child determine which weapon they enjoy the most. They can also try both classes to see which one suits them best.

  3. Can my child take saber and epee classes simultaneously?

    • Yes, early in a fencer's career, there is no need to focus exclusively on one weapon, as skills learned in one weapon can transfer to the other. However, as children grow older and become more competitive, they tend to specialize in one weapon.

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